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The company SAMS Pest Control Canberra is a famous flea control company where you can have different types of flea control services at affordable prices. We have experienced staff working 24 hours and 7 days. We never negotiate with the service quality as we are skilled and efficient service providers. If you are looking for flea treatment for your house, you can contact us. We will be at your place to provide the best service regarding flea treatment at home. Furthermore, you will see that our Flea Fumigation Cost is reasonable because our pest exterminators are professionally working. Our service providers complete every need to give any service related to Fleas Control Canberra. You can call us and we will help you with the facilities.

  • We offer Affordable Flea Control Canberra services. 
  •  Our company is 24 hours working to provide emergency flea pest control.
  •  We use the latest techniques with the newest form of flea extermination methods.
  •  We use only non-toxic and eco-friendly pesticides for the flea fumigation process.
Fleas Control Canberra

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How To Identify Fleas?

It seems complicated to control the fleas because they can be multiplied quickly. Here is full information about fleas and some usual facts about normal fleas. So, read and know about them.

  • Symptoms Of A Flea Bite: A single flea bite may lead to a serious condition. If you are experiencing swollen glands and extreme pain around the flea bite, you should consult with the doctors. Because skin redness can be increased if you ignore this problem. Sometimes, fleas may spread diseases such as flea-borne spotted fever, plague, typhus, and cat scratch fever. So, if you spot a single flea, try to keep it away from your place by yourself or by hiring our Flea Pest Controllers.
  • Physical Appearance Of A Flea: Fleas are small pests and about 0.1 to 0.32 cm (0.039 to 0.13 inches). But the adult fleas may be different in size and length. They are wingless insects with tough cuticles. If you see a flea, you can call us to get rid of it. We are capable of removing the whole infestation of flea pests. 
  • Other Facts: Fleas can be found anywhere. If a single flea invades your place, it can affect your kids, pet and carpet padding. To deal with these problems, you can contact us for Flea treatment puppy, Flea treatments for kittens, Carpet flea treatments, Rabbit flea treatments, etc.
  • Cat Flea: The cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) is a widespread parasitic insect. It can be usually found in pet fur. 
  • Dog Flea: The dog flea (Ctenocephalides canis) is an ectoparasite and can be found particularly around dogs and cats.
  • Human Flea: The human flea is also called the house flea. It is also a common species of flea and we control this type of flea with our professional flea pest control method.

What Should You do to Keep Fleas at Bay?

Fleas are an unavoidable occurrence if you have pets. Basic housekeeping, on the other hand, might lower your chances of a flea outbreak. Check out the tips given by our Fleas Control Canberra experts below:

  • Inspect the fur of your dogs and cats on a routine basis. If you detect or witness fleas, apply flea control for dogs and cats.
  • Clean your carpets, rugs, couches, and flooring on a regular basis.
  • Rinse your pet’s bedsheets in hot water on a routine basis.
  • If you take a trip with your pet, vacuum the carpeting and upholstery of your vehicle on a routine basis.
  • Maintain a clean garage, lawn, and yard.
  • Do not allow animals to roam beneath the home. Feel free to call Sams Pest Control Canberra for same-day flea treatments all over Canberra.

Our Fleas Control & Removal Program

Our Flea Control and removal process is organized with specific strategies. And, we can perform the actual flea removal method on the basis of the Inspection Report. The whole process or the basic information of our procedure is mentioned below. You can go through it.

  • Thorough Inspection: Our professionals check every corner of your home as well as carpeting. We also inspect the cat and dog if you have one because fleas usually live in a furry place or hidden places.  They found your pet comfortable or an appropriate place to hide.
  • Habitat Modification/Physical Control And Removal: Our habitat modification and physical treatments are performed to prevent flea infestation professionally. We use techniques that instantly kill fleas.
  • Chemical Treatments: Our chemical flea treatments include fluid pesticides and solutions to keep away fleas. Furthermore, spray our insecticides on a suspected area so that we can remove existing fleas from your house.

Emergency Flea Treatment And Same Day Fleas Removal Programmes In Canberra, Avail The Offers

If you are looking for same-day flea control and pest control services in Canberra city, you can contact us. It is because we are the service provider who can give you the instant result on the requirement of Emergency Flea Control Canberra. We offer you fast treatments with professional work of flea control services. We apply the best programmes and techniques as well as we are offering services in commercial and residential places. So, get to us for Expert Flea Control in Canberra.


Q.1 What are the areas to consider when controlling fleas?

Fleas can not survive on warm days or outside on hot days. They need proper circumstances and humidity to live. Approximately, the humidity of less than 50 % can kill the fleas. Still, you can check shaded spots near your pet house and under the furniture indoors. To get perfect spraying for fleas, call our Flea Exterminators.

Q.2 What is the best way to control fleas?

You can use an effective mixture of hot water and soap, it will kill fleas if you use it regularly in the house. For pet fleas – Step 1: Brush your pet with a flea comb. Step 2: Give a regular bath to your pet. Step 3: Disinfect the house with professional cleaning. Step 4: Prevent future infestations by regular pest control.

Q.3 Can fleas live in human hair?

Well, the answer is no. No evidence that could tell us that a flea can live in human hair. According to a study, there are more than 2000 types of fleas in the world. Yet, if you spot a  flea in your house, call us for the best response from our company. We are 24/7 hours available for Flea Control Canberra service.

Fleas Control Canberra
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