Following the completion of the therapy, we suggest:
-Do not wipe or vacuum near skirtings for 7 to 10 days.
-Do not clean the outside walls, paved surfaces, or decks with a strong hose.
-Cobwebs: just brush to clear webs.
-Avoid removing cobwebs for Seven days following therapy.

Our solutions have already been engineered to withstand the harsh weather patterns of Canberra. Our products are extremely durable and have also been proved to reach their full potential as far as the climate conditions at the time of treatment are not too harsh, i.e, too stormy or too rainy. We will postpone the session if the weather is especially terrible.

*Please keep in mind that the items only need a very small amount of time to settle, so if the weather or wind isn’t too severe during the planned time, the materials will set and be ready to tackle rain.

All bills are delivered through email and can be settled by direct deposit, cash, or check. We also take credit cards and checks. All payments should be made within seven days after the service for residential customers and thirty days for business clients.