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Moths are relatively tiny creatures that don’t harm directly but can cause property damage. Therefore, you should take extra care to prevent them. PEST CONTROL CANBERRA is here to offer the best services for you. With our moth control Canberra experts on board, you can get rid of the annoying pests that can damage your clothes, carpets, furniture, food items, and many more! Since they prefer darker places to hide out, close inspection is necessary to identify them. Only then will we be able to identify them. In order to perform the inspection effectively, our team uses the best tools and the latest methods. This aids in the easy identification of the moths. 

To know more about our services, contact us at 02 6105 9139. Our team is the best when it comes to dealing with various types of moths and their infestation, therefore do check out our services!

Moth Control Canberra

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Several Types Of Moths And The Their Signs Of Infestation 

Identifying moths can be a task as they can easily hide and often prefer darker places. Since there are different types of moths, each one of them is different from the others. All types of moth infestations require close attention in order to identify the signs that these moths leave behind. Ignoring the moth’s presence can be very detrimental and isn’t good for your health as well. Therefore, know more about several types of moths and their signs of infestation: 

  • Case-Making Clothes Moths: These moths are also known as “fabric-destroying moths”. Since they destroy the fabrics, it is very important to protect your wardrobe, the place where they are most often found with cloth moth control services. If you have a commercial clothing line, then your business is highly at risk. Therefore, you need to detect their presence at the earliest. You can identify their presence with the holes in clothes and their shedding in your wardrobes, etc. 
  • Pantry Moth: Pantry moths enter your property in several ways. Mainly through the window opening or from the goods brought into your house from outside. Since they mainly feed and are found in groceries, it is most common that they infect your food items. The food becomes stale and not edible, upon exposure to pantry moths. 
  • Brown House Moths: They thrive in food items just like pantry moths. Along with the food particles they also feed on organic debris and waste particles. Their larvae and caterpillar stage is when they cause most of the damage. Therefore, getting moth caterpillar control services is very necessary.
  • Luna Moths: They are very susceptible to nectar and hate it. Therefore to prevent them, get nectar-producing plants. This way you can avoid their infestation. As they grow rapidly, they produce several generations per year. Hence their infestation can cause a lot of damage to your property. 
  • Mediterranean Flour Moth: This type is one of the most frustrating types of moths. They actively feed on flour and grains. If your food is not properly sealed then you can enter the food or the packages and start to degrade it. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself from these moths. 
  • White Moth: They feed on leaves and particularly require cellulose. As a result, they feed on your furniture, books and other materials that are made of plants and plant products. 

What Damages Can Moths Do To You And Your Properties? 

Moths can be very damaging and can cause certain irreversible damages to you and your property. Having moths on your property can be destructive in several ways, be it in the form of finance or reputation, taking charge against these pests is very important. The following are the losses that you can experience with the moths around: 

  • Moths effectively feed on food particles like flour, grains or cereal, along with other packaged food items. This can make the food stale and highly toxic. 
  • They can cause financial damage to your commercial business.
  • Not only financial loss, but can also be the reason for spoiling your reputation. 
  • They destroy your furniture, books, clothes and many other expensive items. 
  • Carpet moths often damage the carpets and make them not suitable for usage.  

Here Are The Three Month Control Steps That We Follow

Performing the moth control determination and treatment is very important. If you have moths on your property, without any further delay contact our team. Our team offers the most effective. The following are the three effective moth control Canberra steps that our team follows:

  • Moth Inspection: Inspecting the property prior to performing the treatment is very important and is very essential for better results. Because our experts perform the treatment using the most advanced and latest technology. In case you are dealing with caterpillars and larvae of moths, our inspection services will be of great help during the moth caterpillar control procedures.  
  • Specific Chemical Treatment: Depending on the type of moth infestation, our moth exterminators offer a lot of different types of chemical treatments. This includes: 
    • Pantry Moth Extermination: In order to protect your pantry and other food items from moth infestation, you should contact us right away, as we offer the best pantry moth extermination
    • Carpet Moth Extermination: Protecting your expensive carpets from moths is getting difficult. Worry not! Our carpet moth extermination team is here to offer the best quality services. So that you don’t have to worry about any carpet damage. 
    • Winter Moth Control: By using our professional winter moth control services, you can actively deal with these moths and destroy them. 
  • Moth Prevention Tips: Apart from offering moth control Canberra services, our experts even guide you with necessary prevention tips. By following these tips, you can even restrict their entry into the house and keep their count at bay. Here is what you need to do: 
    • Regular decluttering of their wardrobe, pantry, house, etc.
    • Always look out for moth signs and very importantly get the removal services once you come across them. 
    • It is very important to seal your food tightly and keep it in stored containers. 
    • Cleaning your carpets regularly. 

We Provide Our Services In All The Regions Of Canberra 

Our moth control Canberra experts are available across all the regions in Canberra. Therefore, our services will be available to you in no time. People across all the regions in Canberra can benefit from our services, as we are open to taking up services from both commercial and residential properties. As we offer our moth control In-house services, where residential people can benefit themselves. And commercial property owners can also hire us for spaces like malls, hotels, schools, colleges, etc. 

Our Moth Control Team In Canberra Is Even Ready To Take Up Emergency Moth Control Services! 

In case you want our moth pest control services in Canberra, you should definitely reach out to us. Our moth control Canberra experts deal with various types of moths as mentioned. But we are specialised in dealing with carpet moths. With our pest control carpet moths treatment, you can get rid of carpet moths that feed on carpets and other fabrics. Be it carpets made of wool or fur, our carpet moth extermination experts can deal with them all. 

How Are We Going To Be The Right Choice For You To Treat Your Moth Infestation? 

Are you still not sure about hiring our company for your moth control? We are here to let you know more about our services. Our moth control Canberra team is quite professional in performing the services. Since we have skilful and competent personnel, the results are going to be outstanding. And all these things come at a very low moth exterminator cost. To know more about our services, you need to know about the following features: 

  • Our expert services include using only certified moth control solutions. 
  • Every moth pest control service that we offer is performed by qualified local experts in the field. 
  • Though there is very short notice prior to the services, we still accept to offer you the services. 
  • Our moth pest control cost is very reasonable and you can save up to $20. Since we run discounts on our services.
  • Upon request, we even offer follow-up treatments. 
  • Our team is a local one, that offers services across all the regions in Canberra. 

Including All The Places In Canberra, We Offer Our Services In Nearby Suburbs As Well! 

As our company is a local one, we employ our services across all the regions in Canberra. Not only in the metropolitan cities of Canberra but we are available also in suburbs like Red Hill, Chermside west, East Brisbane, South Brisbane, Kingston, etc. Our moth control Canberra team is highly prompt in offering the services and will reach your location in no time. If you want to know more about our services, you can contact us at our company number. 


How often do we need to get the moth infestation services per year? 

This is a very subjective one. As it totally depends on the occurrence of the moth infestation. But as per experts’ advice, it is ideal to get professional moth pest control services once a year. 

How long is it going to take for the completion of the entire treatment? 

Our treatment takes around 2-4 hours on average. But it also depends on various other factors like level of infestation, size of the property, etc. 

Are the products that you use safe for children and pets? 

We only use products that are organic and safe for your children and pets. Therefore all our services are kid and pet-friendly. 

How do I handle pantry moth infestation?

Pantry moths can be exceptionally to handle and can feed on all your grocery items. Therefore it is very important to get an expert pantry moth determination service without any delay. 

Is it necessary to follow preventive tips even after getting professional moth control services? 

Of course, you should! One should not stop following the preventive tips in order to prevent the entry of moths. Because only by following such tips you can restrict their entry into the property.